22 / septiembre / 2023

Programa Jornada Científica

8.45 – 9.15

Welcome Reception

César Gómez Derch, Antonio Álvarez Blanco, Dr. Fernández-Arquero, Dra. Martínez Novillo y Dra. Sánchez- Ramón

9.15 – 9.50

Session I. Immunology Advances (I)

NextGen T cell-based Cancer Immunotherapies: Reactivation and/or Redirection

Speaker: Dr. Luis Álvarez-Vallina

Moderators: Dr. Miguel Fernández- Arquero y Dr. Javier Carbone Campoverde

9.50 – 10.30

Session II. Immunology Research (I) Oral communications – CLINICS

Moderators: Dra. Ana de Andrés y Dra. Rebeca Pérez de Diego

  • Increased CD8+DR+ T-cell levels in patients with difficult-to-control CMV infection in solid organ transplantation

Speaker: Javier Carbone

  • Neuroinflammation and synaptic diffusion in acute lonfoblastic leukaemia

Speaker: Sara González

  • Defect of STAT2-dependent IFN-I-mediated immunity in a patient with haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis and multisystemic inflammatory syndrome

Speaker: Marta López

  • Serum IgM detection has a similar sensitivity to oligoclonal bands for the diagnosis and prognosis of multiple sclerosis

Speaker: María Cruz Sábada

10.30 – 11.00

Coffee Break + 

Visit of the Evaluation Commission to selected Posters

11.00 – 12.00

Satellite Symposium Pharming

What is Activated PI3Kδ Syndrome and how is diagnosed?

Speakers: Dr. Luis Ignacio González Granado y Dr. Silvia Sánchez Ramón

Moderators: Dra. Ana de Andrés y Dra. Rebeca Pérez de Diego

12.00 – 13.00

Sesión III. Avances en inmunología (II). 

Making human immune systems more interpretable using systems immunology

Speaker: Petter Brodin

Moderators: Dra. Silvia Sanchez Ramón y Dr. Ángel L. Corbí

13.00 – 14.00 

Lunch + 

Visit of the Evaluation Commission to selected Posters

14.00 – 14.50

Session IV. Immunology Research (II) Oral communications – BASICS

Moderators: Dr. Hisse M. van Santen y Dr. Daniel López Rodríguez

  • Importance of mitochondrial metabolism and glycolysis in the regulation of IL-17-secreting γδ T cells in imiquimod-induced psoriasis and homeostasis

Speaker: Danay Cibrian

  • Calcineurin/NFAT pathway contributes to epigenetic reprogramming in trained immunity

Speaker: Aitor Jarit

  • GSK3β-mediated anti-inflammatory and reparative reprogramming of human macrophages

Speaker: Rodolfo Israel Ríos

14.50 – 15.40

Closing Conference

Interaction between dendritic cells and T cells beyond lymphoid organs

Speaker: Salvador Iborra

Moderators: Dra. Silvia Sanchez-Ramón y Dr. Eduardo Martínez Naves

15.40 – 16.25

SICAM Assembly

Proclamation of the new Board of Directors

16.25 – 17.00

Awards Ceremony

Moderators: Dra. Silvia Sánchez-Ramón y Dr. Miguel Fernández- Arquero

  • 2 INMUNOTEK Awards for the best oral presentations
  • 2 EUROINMUN Awards for the best posters
  • 2 Honorary Awards
    • Eduardo Fernández Cruz – Clinics Immunology

    • José Luis Subiza – Basic Immunology

  • Mentions to honorary members